Running Out of the Fog – Fundraiser for BIAC

Several months ago I decided, if I made it this far in my training, I would set up a fundraiser for the Brain Injury Alliance. I felt that this blog, and everything I’ve gone through, needs to amount to something. So, I’ve set up a pledge drive for each mile that I complete up to the total race distance of 103 miles. Now this isn’t like my nephew’s school fundraiser that I was conned into donating to by my brother.  It was a running fundraiser, which I liked, and thought that was much better than trying to sell chocolate or popcorn.

My brother:

“You can donate per lap.  He’ll probably run 10 laps.” (these are short laps, not 1/4 mile).


“Okay sure, how about $2 per lap.”

My brother – a week later:

“Ummm…so he finished 30 laps. ”

I was fairly proud of the kid, and I happily wrote my check and put it in the mail. Never fear folks, you don’t have to worry about your intended donation tripling, and you can donate even just $0.25 per mile or less. I promise I will not go farther than 103 miles, that seems plenty far enough, especially when those miles have 20,191 feet of climbing. That is a lot of uphill and downhill. But it is a beautiful course, and for 30+ hours (yes I said 30) I will be climbing up and down, and up and down, and up and down those hills.

I suppose I could've picked a flatter race.
I suppose I could’ve picked a flatter race.

Running has been an anchor for me this past year. It has given me hope, it has distracted me, it has helped me heal. When I run, the fog lifts, and it is the only time I really feel normal. The Brain Injury Alliance is a non-profit organization that helps people with Traumatic Brain Injuries, and their families. They are a resource to find doctors, therapists, support groups, and financial assistance. They helped me, and now I hope to give back.

So here is the link to my fundraising drive – Running Out of the Fog – 100 miles for the Brain Injury Alliance of Colorado

BIAC Logo_Blue

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  1. Hell yah! You’re awesome for doing this!! We’re in! Go get ’em. Wish we could be there to cheer you on in person.

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